FourC (Concerned Citizens of Clallam County) is pleased that you have shown interest in our group. The objective of this website is to share the mission and goals of our grassroots organization, answer questions about what we stand for and invite you to our meetings, rallies and other sponsored events.

The main focus of FourC is to raise public awareness on issues facing our community and nation. FourC Newsletters are e-mailed to our mailing list.

  • To protect individual privacy FourC sends all e-mails in “blind copy.”
  • For more information, please e-mail us at: fourc.info@yahoo.com


…click here to view the Talking Points for Arguments Opposing SSD Bond

…click here to view the  Sequim Schools Proposition 1 Flyer

…click here to learn more about Common Core (scroll to the bottom of the page “Common Core: a Battle for Moms” – click on the video

…click here: http://myfreedomfoundation.com/blog/page/petition-restore-the-two-thirds

  • From the FREEDOM FOUNDATION: The State Supreme Court just made it a lot easier for the legislature to raise your taxes—and we know they’re going to try.Washington voters have repeatedly (6 times) and overwhelmingly (64% in 2012) voted to require a super-majority vote for the legislature to increase taxes or fees. Yet six State Supreme Court justices sided with special interests to strike down this law.
    Some politicians claim tax hikes are essential just to support basic services. It’s an outright lie. State revenue for the next budget is projected to be $2 billion more than in the last budget, yet politicians say it’s not enough. In fact, revenue has consistently increased over time. Washington State doesn’t have a revenue problem—we have a spending problem.
    Let’s tell Olympia, loud and clear, that we don’t need more taxes.

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